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Vesper is a recognised expert in high-end residential real estate, the ccompany created 15 unique residences at most coveted addresses in Moscow and Europe.

Vesper’s projects are one of a kind. They are a synonym for uniqueness, quality and genuine luxury, transforming the concept of the metropolitan lifestyle aesthetics and setting new standards. Modern architectural designs, the latest technologies and the best international practices are featured in every Vesper building.

Masterful designs with natural materials are created for a contemporary lifestyle. Perfectionism in each detail, aesthetics in every selection, craftsmanship and high quality standards make Vesper’s homes a true work of art.

Inspired by history, Vesper is taking on renovation projects that give a new technology-driven life to historic buildings and cultural heritage sites. To create a living experience beyond expectations, Vesper works with international teams of experts. John McAslan & Partners, Aukett Swanke, Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners, Architects of Invention, Massimo Iosa Ghini and Jean-Louis Deniot are bringing additional depth to the projects. Bespoke making, stunning original design projects and advanced technology are hallmarks of Vesper.

Vesper leads in its ambitious vision by founders Denis Kitaev and Boris Azarenko.

Vesper key projects in Moscow are: 

Patriarch's Ponds – Bulgakov
Prechistenka – Gulrich House 
Nikolskaya Street – St.Nickolas 
Hermitage Garden – Chekhov 
Ostozhenka – Nabokov 
Chistye Prudy – Sovremennik 
Plyushchikha  – Bunin
Polyanka  – Cloud Nine