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Luxury residence located in the city center, conterminous to the Hermitage Garden.

Chekhov is a new premium class urban real estate project, housing only 8 apartments and featuring direct exit to the park. The prominent location to the house next to the calm and green environment in the very center of the city suits perfectly for the family lifestyles. The wide panoramic windows of mansion are facing the green areas while top levels represent two spacious penthouses providing direct access to sky-terraces with the incredible views of the city.
The architectural concept of the Chekhov club house envisions the use of natural materials – wood, marble and stone – enabling the new house to seamlessly blend into the landscape.

In Moscow, there appear more and more parks and gardens, where nature and freedom of creativity represent a organic whole. But perhaps the Moscow Hermitage Garden keeps the most intimate memories of the past cultural life of Moscow. It is the Hermitage Garden that saw the first wave of conductor Sergey Rachmaninov’s wand, heard Fyodor Chaliapin’s bass and Leonid Sobinov’s tenor. It was here that the Moscow Art Theatre first opened and Chekhov's plays premiered. The garden’s paths remember the steps of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Vysotsky, Leonid. Utesov and Arkadiy Raikin. It was here that the first ever round of "What? Where? When?” game was played.
At all times, the Hermitage garden was the center of attraction of the cultural and intellectual elite of Moscow. There is no place here for triviality, pathos or hollow bombast, the very air is saturated with freedom of expression and respect for talent. Hiding behind the gates of the garden from the rhythm of the city streets, you can easily experience the atmosphere of this charming place. It is equally good here in both summer and winter. During the warmer months you can comfortably sit in a hammock or hide from the sun under the shade of Garden Cottages while listening to the sounds of jazz wafting from the stage. You can leisurely chat with friends indulging your gourmet cravings in one of the restaurants offering original cuisine.
In the winter, the Hermitage Garden will turn into the most romantic skating rink in the entire city. Having skated with your children to your heart’s content, you can arrange an unforgettable evening by inviting your loved one to the premiere of a play in one of the three theaters located in the garden or you can go to a party at a local club. Each new season and every new day the Hermitage Garden will amaze you with its diversity, and you will never get tired of discovering it for yourself again and again.

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Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners
Project Architects

Established in 2001, the architecture firm undertakes the design of a wide range of architectural facilities used for various purposes. The company’s key focus areas are architecture, urban development and design. Many of the designs developed by the company received awards at various architecture and construction tradeshows. The company extensively applies Western European design standards in Russia.

Ant Yapi
General Contractor
A Turkish construction company specializing in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. In2000s, ANT YAPI entered the international market completing a number of successful projects, particularly in Russia, including participation in the construction of Moscow-City International Business Centre and Olympic facilities in Sochi. ANT YAPI’s mission is to complete and hand over facilities with a guaranteed quality using cutting-edge, cost effective solutions within the deadlines required and in compliance with applicable standards; to bring new aspects into the construction sector reflecting the advantages of new construction technologies using its own extensive experience.

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18A Malaya Dmitrovka

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