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Gulrich House

The Gulrich House is a beautiful and exquisite facility located in the very heart of Moscow's historic quarters.

The Gulrich House is a beautiful and exquisite facility located in Prechistensky Lane, at the intersection of the Ostozhenka district and Arbat Street, i.e. in the very heart of Moscow's historic quarters. The mansion was built in 1912 in the "Russian modern" style with neo-classical motifs. The project author is Gustav Gulrich, a graduate of the Hannover Polytechnic Institute. The project includes comprehensive renovation of the mansion with due regard to time and history. The novel interior sparingly treats the author's original design. Luxurious apartments are within the walls of the old building. The last storeys of the building are occupied by a double-tire penthouse with a fireplace and a sky-studio terrace. Bay-windows, variously shaped and sized windows, decorative panelling of the façade and variegated relief embellishments give the mansion a very individual look and recall the memories of a rent house in the early 20th century. On the ground floor, in a comfortable lounge, the proprietors and their guests have at their disposal a reception bureau and an office for business talks and meetings.

Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners
Project Architects

Established in 2001, the architecture firm undertakes the design of a wide range of architectural facilities used for various purposes. The company’s key focus areas are architecture, urban development and design. Many of the designs developed by the company received awards at various architecture and construction tradeshows. The company extensively applies Western European design standards in Russia.

Swanke Hayden Connell Architects

The concept of public area interiors was developed by Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. The company is famous worldwide for a variety of unique projects, and has a hundred years of international experience. The company’s most outstanding projects include Apartman Bomonti residential building in Istanbul, Fifth Avenue residence in New York, Crystal residential complex in Moscow, Residential Project Istanbul, a resort complex in Istanbul, Campiello Collection concept luxury condominium in New York.

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14 Prechistenskiy lane



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