Sales start in new Cloud Nine project near Kremlin

December 8, 2016 - Vesper started sales in a deluxe new project - Cloud Nine at 9, Bolshaya Polyanka St. Total investments into the ninth project in the corporate portfolio will amount to 3 bln rubles ($50.2m); work is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Cloud Nine is the renovation project of four XIX-XX century buildings 900 meters away from the Kremlin, facing Bolshaya Polyanka St. and Staromonetnyi Lane. Total project area is 16,300 square meters. It comprises 45 apartments with the area from 81 to 280 square meters. The height of ceilings deserves particular attention - from 3.5 to 8 meters. Apartments with terraces are located on upper storeys, with opening views of the Kremlin, the Christ the Savior Cathedral, embankments of the Moscow River and the Tretyakov Gallery. Apartment sales in Cloud Nine started on December 8, 2016.


Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners Bureau developed the architectural concept of the Cloud Nine project. A five-storey house facing Bolshaya Polyanka St. was built in the beginning of XX century. Printing works of Menert Bros was located in the building where packaging for chocolate sweets of Einem Partnership (Krasnyi Oktyabr at present) was printed in particular. Tall window openings and high ceilings are the only ones revealing the industrial past of the building with the smooth dark gray facade. The building will be fitted with modern utility systems after renovation and comply with all deluxe real property quality standards.


The industrial architectural style continues in the adjacent graphite color building accommodating just five apartments. Exterior solutions of buildings are maintained in apartment interiors. All of them are made with finishing completed in industrial eco-chic style. Space and interior design was developed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, known for his projects with leading global brands, such as Ferrari and IBM.

 A former tenement building is located on the side of Staromonetnyi Lane. Its white facade in Moscow Modern style is decorated with stucco elements of setting. A mansion with just 8 apartments situated in the courtyard continues the light color range. Interiors of apartments and entrance lobbies in these houses were made in Modern Classic style according to Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners Bureau’s design.


 The inner space of Cloud Nine was inspired by historical squares in European capitals, where city interior is serving as hospitable space in the open air. Both courtyards are a pedestrian zone decorated by the mosaic of wine tints and noble gold colors, which will be heated in winter season. The design provides for an underground two-level parking area estimated for 71 lots.

 An online quality monitoring system of air that will undergo additional treatment against all possible pollutants will be available for all residents. Similar technologies are used in medical institutions. Air after treatment becomes comparable by quality characteristics with mountain or sea one. The design provides for a wellness zone for sports, children’s club, areas for seasonal goods storage and a boardroom. Cloud Nine for genuine connoisseurs of Moscow’s historical downtown. Location at just 900 meters from the Kremlin gives an opportunity to dive into the business life or hide away from it, turning to lanes where the old Moscow is preserved, just like on XIX century city scene