Over 50% of All Apartments Sold in Sovremennik House

November 2, 2016 г. – Vesperispleasedtoreportonthedynamics of apartment sales in Sovremennik premium class building in Chistye Prudy.

In the 11 months since the launch of sales, the company has sold over 50% of all apartment spaces totaling more than RUB 1.2 billion in value. The building is scheduled to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Sovremennik has 78 apartments ranging from 35 to 125 sq. m, about half of them are compact studios with the floor area from 35 sq. meters an up and one bedroom apartments.

The main share of the sales – about 65%  – is accounted for by apartments purchased as permanent residences, 20% of Sovremennik’s  future residents  are clients who live in the country or abroad and are interested in having an apartment downtown Moscow for temporary stays, 15% of the transactions were made for anticipated future purposes, such as providing a place of residence to children or leasing.


Allapartmentsareofferedwiththe final finishingincludingfully equipped bathrooms, kitchens with build-in premium brand household appliances. Interior design solutions were developed by Front Architecture studio.

Sovremennik is Vesper’s project involving renovation of the rental apartment house built in 1870.  The building is located at 13 Mashkova Street within a few minute’s walk from the theater that lent it its name. Throughout its history, the building changed its purpose several times, and now, after almost half a century, it will once again become a residential building.

The building’s architectural design was developed by Architects of Invention English architecture firm, widely known for its projects in London, Moscow, Vilnius and Tbilisi. The firm’s works have been awarded multiple international prizes and combine a modern approach and functionalism with the embodiment of cultural features and the reflection of historic context.

Sovremennik creates daily comfort of a European city dweller in the center of Moscow. The inner freedom of the Dutch, exactness and high standards of the Swedes, optimism and friendliness of the Icelanders , utmost commitment to environmentally friendly and natural materials typical of the Finns, were all transformed into an updated approach to architecture, natural simplicity, laconism and functionality of Moscow apartments. The international project combined the best world trends in residential buildings development. The facade of the building retains its original neo-classical style typical of the buildings in Moscow’s historic center. The austerity of exterior proportions is decorated with crowning cornices and elegant friezes combined with modern aesthetics of the fifth floor facades. The project implements a new real estate standard: functionality, style and rationality forming the rhythm of a modern city life.

Further information on the project is available at www.domsovremennik.com