Vesper Launches Sales in One of Moscow’s Most Expensive Club Houses

October 20, 2016 – Vesper specializing in prime club residential real estate is launching apartment sales in one of the most expensive buildings downtown Moscow. The new Nabokov building is located at the intersection of Pozharsky and Kursovoy lanes. The company’s total investment in the implementation of the project will amount to RUB 2.5 billion. 


For each project Vesper brings together international teams whose experience in prime real estate is confirmed by international recognition. The architectural concept of the Nabokov House belongs to Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners architecture firm, the lobby and apartment interior designs were developed by London-based Aukett Swanke design studio, penthouse interior solutions are being created by a legendary French interior designer, whose name so far have been kept secret.

The Nabokov House combines minimalist aesthetics and European functionality with luxury in its modern rendering. The facade of the six-story building is made of light-color marble of a rare warm shade quarried in western Portugal. Each element of the facade is calibrated manually to create a "velvety", almost "alive" wall surface texture. One of the highlights of the building is its unique dynamic glazing covering more than 50% of all facade surfaces. It will be the first ever project in Russia to use totally transparent glass made using optiwhite technology and having perfect color rendering properties.

The windows are being manufactured according to the drawing specially created for the Nabokov House at the factory of Swiss company Forster located near Zurich. All Club House residents will enjoy the online facility for monitoring the quality of air which passes through an additional purification system cleaning it from allergens, dust, soot and toxins, saturating it with ozone and filling the apartment with the sense of full, free breathing one feels in the mountains or at the seaside. 

The building has only 14 apartments with the floor area from 120 to 270 sq. m and a 460 sq.m penthouse with a 130 sq.m terrace and a panoramic view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin and the capital’s historic embankments. 

Nikolai Lyashenko and Alexander Tsimailo, partners and co-owners of Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners architecture firm note, “The Nabokov House is an artistic embodiment of the “spirit of the place” based on the modern approach to architecture. Special attention in the project design is given to glazing and generic characteristics of living premises where each square meter of the facade has a purpose in creating a comfortable inner space.” 

Lobby and apartment interior designs were created by Aukett Swanke international design studio. The elegance, functional use of space and environmentally friendly materials typical of Aukett Swanke designs have already been translated into the studio’s projects known all over the world: apartment house Apartman Bomonti apartment building in Istanbul, Fifth Avenue residence in New York and renovated art deco style Adelphi building in the center of London. “I was very intrigued when I got the opportunity to cooperate with Vesper and started working on such a sophisticated project. We found inspiration in natural colors, shades and textures inherent in the Russian forests, the frozen waters of the Moskva River, as well as the rich heritage of Russian fashion and traditional arts and crafts. We managed to materialize in NABOKOV interior designs a sense of calm, serenity and timeless elegance," said Nick Pell, head of the European Aukett Swanke design department. 

As of today, load-bearing structures of the building’s above-ground level have been fully built, engineering systems and facade elements are being installed. The completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. Apartments sales will be launched on October 20th. "We have set ourselves an extremely ambitious task - to create the highest quality, modern club house using best international practices. This fundamentally new product to the real estate market is being created literally by hand. 

We have carefully selected the best natural materials from all over the world, so that the Nabokov House, which has become one of Moscow’s most expensive club houses, would meet the requirements of the most demanding customers who have achieved success and harmony and seek to find the embodiment of their values in the space around them, " said Natalia Shichanina, commercial Director of Vesper. Detailed information on NABOKOV Club House is available on its official website www.domnabokov.com